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Our founder, Jason Hairston, had a vision for hunting gear that pushed the boundaries of performance, ultralight weight, and technology development. Thats why its probably best to pair the Kutana Storm Shell Jacket with the Attack Pant. If you really want to gain that tactical advantage, the Kutana Storm Shell Jacket may put the odds in your favor. Yamaha Ring Free Alternative: Are They Any Good? In cold and bizarre weather, having hoodies and sweatshirts is a must. Known for its combination of comfort, durability, and simplicity, the Attack Pant is our best-selling and most versatile hunting pant. A former student-journalist and graduate student, Justin has a long history in writing, editing, and publishing. This variety allows you to find the perfect pair of hunting clothing. While its made for hunting, that shouldnt stop you from sporting this best-seller casually with a simple white tee. Why is Clear Bra So Expensive And Is It Worth The Investment? An hour later they called to say they had sold our first three pieces. I started going to Asia to meet with legitimate technical fabric houses and manufacturing facilities. Next, check out some related reviews you might enjoy: Your email address will not be published. FORLOH Decided to Use Only American Materials. Consumer Direct Pricing was like the final piece of the KUIU puzzle. This forced customers to do their own research and education. It is a vital mid-layer and a must-have when you want the layering system. ${getFormattedGroupName}: Build kit to redeem your discount, Get notified when ${ productTitle } is back in stock. Even though the material is not as durable as the KUIU pants, it is still very comfortable and breathable. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. Their antimicrobial-treated products also have a durable fabric that makes them more resilient to damage, such as suitable off limbs or bushes during bowhunting and good for up to three years without fading. Review: Both products were superior in the durability category compared to the First Lite. Eventually I started writing about researching and designing specific pieces in the line. I started blogging about the process on a blog called Building KUIU. The momentum thing really hit home when we released our pricing model. OS. The best type of tactical gear is the kind that doesnt slow you down. But how do they compare? Bowhunting Plus she will look good and be incredibly comfortable. Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Idahowed do our homework and research the topography, and wed put these amazing adventures together with lots of animals and no people. July 17th marks the birthday of KUIU's founder, Jason Hairston. When Mayer and I talked, he clued me in that KUIU was working on this extended womens line. FORLOH Decided to Use Only American Materials. FOR LOVE OF HUNTING" is the concise response. You cannot just wear anything in hunting. The Pro Hunting Pack Kit is an expensive investment, but you can relax knowing that you wont need to buy new gear anytime soon. According to the manufacturer, KUIU clothing is made of continuous synthetic fibers. KUIUs choices of waterproof hunting jackets, rain gear, and pants will keep you dry and protected in an unexpected downpour. The interior of the jacket is extremely soft and comfortable. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. Whats the issue, my dudes? The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. Below is an in-depth comparison of KUIU Vs Kryptek. [2] [3] In 2017, San Francisco -based Main Post Partners invested $50 million in the company. prodRange.to : productsCount } of ${productsCount}. They are individual companies with different owners. Kuiu gear comes in a mix of materials, like merino blend, Nuyarn, Karuishi and microfleece, and Primeflex polyester. Its assortment of performance-driven clothing and equipment rivals conventionally constrictive, subpar gear.Gear for the hunt is made with insulation, breathability, and adverse weather in mind. And Ive worn it in multiple conditions to my own satisfaction. It also includes outdoor equipment such as camping necessities. Initially, he began making hunting apparel in Canada. You can also get logo gifts for up to 50% off. What about long hot days on the boat? KUIU began mass production in 2017 when the San Francisco-based Main Post Partners invested $50 million. Your email address will not be published. They were all soaked to the bone while I was warm and dry, another customer shared about the Kutana Storm Shell Jacket. To get a better sense of how their clothes fit, its best to consult the size chart for each product. Torque Airbags Vs. Firestone Airbags: Which One Should You Pick? I know women that wear the mens gear because it works. We came back enthused, but with no real idea how to get started. It also comes with integrated storage to help minimize space. Why is Clear Bra So Expensive And Is It Worth The Investment. Kuiu Valo: Coast-to-Coast Camouflage. Where Are Kizik Shoes Made 2023 Is It Made in USA? Below, Ill walk you through a few of their top sellers that are worth checking out. Verify with GovX ID to instantly unlock your savings. The material used is very soft, quiet, and very durable. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. Okay, KUIU tried. They definitely put a lot of thought into their apparel and gear, given the number of features integrated into each product. Learn how your comment data is processed. Hed responded to anInstagram photo I posted. Without a tag and the hunt you wouldnt have a reason to be there. Mayer told me this over a phone call we had this past June. Gore & Accessories owns Sitka whereas Jason Hairston owns KUIU. KUIU is a privately-owned hunting apparel manufacturer. Kryptek, on the other hand, is water-resistant and can resist light winds or slight sun damage. Gumout Vs. Techron Fuel Injector Cleaner: Which One To Pick? The brands jackets, pants, and harnesses proved to be durable and resistant to water and normal wear and tear. Never is the Plan Jason Hairston established it in 2011. The original piece in the brand's limited-edition women's line is the Women's Super Down Ultra, and it came out in a crew and . The deeper we went and the harder the trips, the greater the satisfaction. In 2020, China became the top exporter of fishing and hunting equipment in the world. If KUIU is attempting to keep women out of its line of vision, theres no better way to do it than by creating a line with no true outerwear. Verify with GovX ID to instantly unlock your savings. We're honored to share Mike Hairston's personal feelings, reflections, and memories about his late son and KUIU founder, Jason Hairston. All the big, well respected brands are made overseas. While expensive, this brand caters its high-quality products to professional hunters, trappers, and chasers. In that short table, weve added what both brands have and what does not. For some reason he took us seriously enough to give us a lead on a cut-and-sew house in Oakland, California. This lightweight and breathable fabric is designed to keep the hunter warm while theyre in the field. Best Upland: Filson Tin Cloth Field Jacket. Theyd be chasing Dall sheep and going after big dreams under western skies. So I went and got my backpack and my sleeping bag and packed some food and backpacked in by myself for about four days. The zipper was a bit flimsy. KUIU - High Performance Hunting Gear & Apparel SHOP BY: Conditions Camouflage Mild Variable temps, light wind & light rain Attack Pant Known for its combination of comfort, durability, and simplicity, the Attack Pant is our best-selling and most versatile hunting pant. If youre still confused, look at our chart or which portion to select, that will clear your confusion. Kryptek. I mean, the kill is the reason for taking a bush plane into Unalakleet, landing on a gravel bar and floating a river for nine days. What makes it easier is to look for the features you need right now. So I thought, why not bypass the retailer? FORLOH is an up and coming brand out of Whitefish, Montana that brings true innovation to hunting apparel. It was initially created in Canada, but in 2012, production was transferred to China. The brand added a down vest, a crew-onlyVersa Insulated jacket, and abase camp sweater, in addition to a line of T-shirts, hoodies, and other shrink-and-pinked cotton wear. Men's Core Lightweight Hunting Hoody. It is ideal for active hunting. China makes hunting apparel for many brands. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. I have nothing to hide. Currently, the company offers free shipping on orders totaling $149 or more. They have anatomically shaped hoods for mens hunting hoodies and sweatshirts which feature a tailored fit for optimal visibility and comfort. The two hunting clothes compete well. Thanks to a low-profile back and a cargo pocketing pattern, storage is provided without adding extra bulk. KUIU has diversities and the assurance of adding every aspect a hunter might need while hunting. KUIU changed the copy after a couple days. Additionally, Kuiu provides international shipping to select countries. No Hate Speech or Bullying. The jacket might not be water repellent, but the down is. Their layered garments are big deals and highly coveted by hunters everywhere. So we sat down together a few times and continued to talk about it. To solve the challenges hunters face in the field, KUIU is relentless in sourcing the most innovative fabrics and materials for our gear. The material of Kuiu gear is a piece of advanced technology invented to make the best out of the hunter's experience. We went from 200 subscribers to 2,000 in a matter of days. Inner Circle members earn points with every purchase to unlock rewards. I wanted total transparency. Depending on what you are looking for, KUIU and Kryptek hunting clothes are perfect. Join KUIU and support Team Rubicon. This way, according to the place youre going to hunt for, you can choose which one to look for. I can confidently conclude my Kuiu review by saying that this brand is legit. All KUIU products are made in China. Consequently, KUIU hunting apparel is fit, warm, and comfortable for hunters. KUIU is a company committed to developing the finest ultralight technical mountain hunting gear on the planet. This wouldnt be a complete Kuiu review without going over the brands shipping policy. Are you having trouble storing your rifles? Thats how Kuiu is designed to work to your advantage. The landscape is harsh and unforgivingsteep rock fields, glaciers, roaring river crossings, often requiring bouldering and sidehilling. But how did this brand get its start? Proximity is a little heavier than KUIU's Super Down products. Then Cabela's and a number of other big box retailers came along with their massive selection of product and put all the specialty pro shops out of business. Currently, this tactical gear brand offers a wide selection of outdoor equipment to choose from, including: Before you speed through to checkout, it wouldnt hurt to get a sense of why their products are so special. They did end up buying Sitka, giving me an opportunity to move on and refocus my energy on ultralight mountain hunting and a new business model. I loved the inputit was encouraging, and more than that, it was really helpful. In 2017, KUIU began massive production after getting funding from Main Post Partners. So KUIU answered with a limited-edition womens collection. soft ultra-fine polyester fibers and merino wool. Regardless of the conditions, terrain, or your level of activity, take it on with confidence. KUIU lives that vision every day with our customers and employees. Get ready for your next hunt with our high-quality camo hunting apparel. realdyl75 said: Hey guys. Verify with GovX ID to instantly unlock your savings. It basically came down to the fact that there was nothing like Sitka on the market. Maybe Id be seeing some badass women representing yet another quality brand in the hills in affordable gear. However, KUIU remains an American company. They liked what we were about and they trusted us to get it right in production which we eventually managed to do through a factory in Asia that was willing to reverse engineer our samples. + ${pointsearned} points with this purchase, Enter your birthday to receive special birthday offers (Optional), By joining the Inner Circle, you are agreeing to the program terms and conditions and financial incentives including agreeing to receive marketing communications via email. You can mix the clothes from different lines depending on your desire. There, she partnered with multiple hunting outlets and personalities on social media and e-commerce, including MeatEater, Randy Newberg, and Remi Warren. GearJunkie Copyright 2013 2023. Moreover, it enhances the wicking properties too. KUIU attack pant is the only needed one which is a hunters choice as they are comfortable and versatile. Stick till the end to understand their differences. Sitka will be a better choice if you hunt in cold weather. Krypteks tops only have a few options, such as fleece or wool (with or without the fur inside). It also makes you look nice while you're out hunting.Over 630k people follow KUIU on social media, You can save up to 54% on some of the brand's most . Here's to the badass women out there getting it done. Hunting is a serious sport. Available in large and extra large, the Bino Harness PRO retails for $109. As he neared adulthood, Hairstons passion for the great outdoors would lead him to the tactical gear industry. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Anyway, we took our bows everywhere we went. Whereas, FORLOH hunting clothes have a 3-layer shell with a fully seam-sealed, waterproof, breathable, and lightweight; maximized durability makes it another non-beatable one. Sign-up now to get news, updates, special offers and insights delivered to your inbox. Thats why we exist, to build gear that meets these demands. Professionally made, reliable, and durable, its the kind of equipment that will last for several years. Military and First Responder discount available. Thats why their product pricing is expensive, just like a few other brands in the market. Kuiu Peloton Crew Lightweight, flexible, and outstanding in terms of comfort. KUIU makes good gear at affordable prices. By selling direct online we could make the best products, keep the prices down and manage, to our standards, every aspect of the customer experience. In terms of construction, the Mountain Star 2-Person Tent is made out of 15D Silicone/PU-coated ripstop nylon. Hairston first career after retiring from football was in commercial real. $129.00 $ 129. To kick this portion of my Kuiu review off, Ill share some average scores below: According to several happy customers, Kuiu clothing managed to hold up while hunting. Joined Jan 25, 2014 Messages 1,399 . Join now for news, updates, special offers & insights. Enjoy your long hot days in the lake or sit holding a cold beverage by the pool. My only technical gripe? Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. The big difference is that their clothes make noise and have different layering than KUIU. Prime Try Before You Buy +1. In 2011, Jason Hairston founded KUIU finding the necessity of comfortable hunting gear for hunters. You need the best clothes for yourself, dont you? The brands products have also been featured in several media outlets, such as GearJunkie, Field & Stream, and Outdoor Life. KUIU clothing is probably the most comfortable one on the market. We were wearing a pretty random and eclectic mix of outdoor clothing and hunting gear. For example, Kryptek makes their clothes from a fabric that contains silver guard technology to keep the hunter dry, warm and clean in cold climates. When your complete focus is on hunting, clothes should be the bare minimum factor to even think for. OP, KUIU gear is well respected as top-notch hunting gear. I want KUIU to be a source of inspiration by living and breathing Mountain Hunting. I mean, you look at this market, the history of this market, and basically the hunting industry was built around specialty pro shops. Its the pinnacle of Mountain Hunting, and as such, its the most demanding on gear. With that in mind, I thought it best to conclude my Kuiu review with some highlights. From my experience at Sitka, I knew this idea wasnt viable or realistic within the existing retail modeleverything I wanted to make would just cost too much. Our founder, Jason Hairston, had a vision for hunting gear that pushed the boundaries of performance, ultralight weight, and technology development. About a year after my football career ended, I drew a tag in eastern California in this area where neither my dad nor I had hunted before. Also Read: Differences Between Huntworth And Sitka Hunting Clothing. And Mayers response to the pushback on women was that they did, in fact, have a limited-edition womens coat in stock.

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