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for a deeper penetration of Goat Pee or Wintergreen. Frequently home brews use, diesel fuel, ATF, WD-40, wintergreen, Creosote or xylene. This stuff may work but still your best bet is to get with a tire guy that sells prep. Dan. Or should I switch to something else? We will cover inside preps, outside preps, and how to prep tires trackside. Siping is the practice of using a thin blade to slice slits in a tires tread. If youre planning to use tire prep formula on off-road go-karts for dirt surfaces, you have to take into account that it will not be as effective as when used on asphalt. You can use purple it works pretty well for my family. You should also consider the condition of your tires. Youll need to make a decision on how many coatings you want to apply on to your tires. NMP is an industrial solvent. If you retain any of your tire softening mixture, be sure to label it appropriately. we (my son and I) have recently started racing. // -->

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