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1 0 obj<>/Metadata 275 0 R/ViewerPreferences 276 0 R/PageLabels 415 0 R>> endstream endobj g$e9s MDOT 2020 Standard Specifications for Construction !JtgEs`Hv#:'i#,.~Vmu &rueq&\ ;wfw,P;`q'"2FcXm5FE~`p]8TN# yk"_+r%eYk=Ces@-6|0,ap x3iIJ2 'd+-yW? The cost per copy is $10 plus $5 shipping. Edition, NOT the 2002 version that has been used for the past 12 years. MDOT Traffic. These liquidated damages are not to be described in the progress clause, incentive special provisions, the special provision for maintaining traffic, or any other contract documents. These liquidated damages will be identified as the pay item Liquidated Damages, Oversight. Abbreviations When the following abbreviations are used in the Standard Specifications and in the contract, they have the meanings listed below. manuals. The intent of these lines is to help the reader - although MnDOT does not guarantee that all text changes are indicated by change lines. The group is responsible for pavement preservation specifications, technical issues related to pavement preservation, and evaluation of new product and method innovations. MaineDOT Instagram. All project documents submitted for the Jan. 27, 2022 letting, or later lettings, must be in accordance with the Standard Specifications for Construction, 2020 edition. MDOT provides technologies and partnerships in order to make the transportation system safer and less congested. 3 0 obj<>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI]>>/MediaBox[0 0 612 792]/Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> 00-SHS - NOTE1. Building Automation Systems (BAS) (Section 230900) 3. The template is included as Page 2 of this document. endobj In January 2020, northbound I-75 was closed following a . MaineDOT Standard Specifications (March 2020 Edition) After much stakeholder input, the 2014 Standard Spec book has been revised. A list of current specifications for pavement preservation projects follows. April 27, 2023. Guidelines for Assessing Liquidated Damages, Suggested Wording When Assessing Liquidated Damages, Division 5 - HMA Pavements and Surface Treatments,, AASHTOWare Project Construction & Materials Software Manual, 202 - Removing Trees, Stumps, and Corduroy, 203 - Removing Drainage Structures, Culverts, and Sewers, 204 - Removing Miscellaneous Structures and Materials, 206 - Excavation and Backfill for Structures, 208 - Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control (NPDES), 406 - Precast Three-Sided, Arch, and Box Culverts, 604 - Contractor Quality Control for Concrete, 605 - Contractor Quality Assurance for Concrete, 701 - Portland Cement Concrete for Structures, 703 - Mortar and Concrete Patching Repair and Resurfacing Mixes, 710 - Waterproofing and Protective Covers, 714 - Temporary Structures and Approaches, 715 - Cleaning and Coating Existing Structural Steel, 716 - Shop Cleaning and Coating Structural Steel, 802 - Concrete Curb, Gutter, and Dividers, 803 - Concrete Sidewalk, Ramps, and Steps, 804 - Concrete Barriers and Glare Screens, 807 - Guardrail, Guardrail Terminals, and Miscellaneous Posts, 810 - Permanent Traffic Signs and Supports, 812 - Temporary Traffic Control for Construction Zone Operations, 821 - Preservation of Land Monuments and Property Corners, 822 - Ground or Cut Centerline and Shoulder Corrugations. xc```a`` Z @h?!p0I:D[ov{ ( This work consists of exploratory excavation investigation work required to locate active, abandoned, or unknown underground utilities in three dimensions as-directed by the engineer. There are endstream endobj Posted Bridges. Did you know that millions of people visit the Great Lakes State every year? 2020 SPEC Books are $14/ea. YDMP provides participants with opportunities to pursue higher education, personal growth, and exposure to transportation careers. 0D0 L!$2X@KX6 G(g@ W?S 2020 Standard Specifications for Construction June 11, 2018, Industry Provided Draft of 2020 Specifications Industry Review, June -December 2018 Industry Impasse Review and Meetings, January -November 2019 Final Review and Formatting, December 2019 A collaborative environment for sharing commonly used maps and data across MDOT divisions, staff, business partners, and the public. Subsection 811.03.B of the Standard Specifications for Construction has been verified which states the following: Apply sharp, well-defined markings, free of uneven edges, overspray, or other visible defects, as determined by the Engineer. Standards and Specifications Construction and Material Standards and Specifications Here you will find the detailed information you need to work with the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA). Our goal is to keep Michigan's motorists safe, informed, and mobile. and documentation confirming the TCB provided meets the requirements of subsection 922.04.A of the Standard Specifications for Construction." Per MDOT Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) Compliance Guidance for Temporary Traffic Control Devices in Work Zones MDOT Capital Preventive Maintenance Specifications . %PDF-1.5 % Compare Here: 03/07/2023: 1 . 99 0 obj <>>> endobj 101 0 obj <>/XObject<>/ExtGState<>>>>>/Contents 102 0 R/CropBox[0 0 792 612]/Rotate 0/Parent 92 0 R>> endobj 102 0 obj <>stream 2022 supplement `2`ISD #m+:F| op2c?WZW {i8-47go}V\i`nY Ude[+$\-\uKy3(F RHmk"#J[12lC 0,LRMR>RNAmCP!0^uHP*]=Rd ,R!3/k:#T:#`XF`k|B?tgJ[B Providing the highest quality integrated transportation services for economic benefit and improved quality of life. Standard Highway Signs. The a5y7/~F5Y^c23|Z[8F=qwV ybK2#$mRF/(hnpNFUTFEcEFjAnH (Note: X = Original contract time in working days + any previously authorized extensions without damages). Click here to access 2020 Standard Specifications for Construction The 2020 Standard Specifications for Construction may be ordered by contacting the MDOT Publications Office. The topics include standards, design-build, bridges, sediment control, stormwater, materials, access & mobility, and more. MDOT's seven region offices each handle transportation-related construction, maintenance and programs within the region's geographic boundaries. these drawings shall be the responsibility of the user. The printed/published book governs. - MDOT 2020 Standard Specification for Construction Posted on November 4, 2022 Category : Engineering MITA has received more hard copies of the MDOT 2020 Standard Specifications for Construction Book that are available to be picked up at the MITA office. The Contract Modifications, which follow or accompany the request for extension of contract time, should merely revise the contract completion date according to the approved Form 1100A and should include a statement that the amount of liquidated damages will be determined following completion of the project and determination of final contract quantities. Therefore the Contractor will receive 6.0 days of extension, 3.0 without LDs and 3.0 W/ LDs. This template does NOT apply to MDOT Trunkline projects. Liquidated damages for user delay costs are to be assessed with the pay item Liquidated Damages, Other as these liquidated damage values are not associated with subsection 108.10.C.1. The department also produces numerous geographic information system maps to assist commuters, tourists, and businesses. MnDOT Standard Specifications for Construction 2020 Volume I - Divisions I and III (PDF), MnDOT Standard Specifications for Construction 2020 Volume II - Division II (PDF), MnDOT Supplemental Specifications, September 2022 (PDF), MnDOT Standard Specifications for Construction 2018 (PDF), MnDOT Standard Specifications for Construction 2016 (PDF), MnDOT Standard Specifications for Construction 2014 (PDF), MnDOT Materials Lab Supplemental Specifications for Construction (PDF), Spec 2005 from 2021 through 2360 (PDF 2.1 MB), Spec 2005 from 2401 through 2481(PDF 1.9 MB), Spec 2005 from 2501 through 2554(PDF 1.4 MB), Spec 2005 from 2557 through 2582(PDF 1.6 MB), Spec 2005 from 3101 through 3491(PDF 2.6 MB), Spec 2005 from 3501 through 3834(PDF 2.3 MB), Spec 2005 from 3835 through 3973 (PDF 2.6 MB), Standard Specifications for Construction and Supplemental Specifications, MnDOT Special Provisions for all trunk highway construction projects. Liquidated damages for department oversight costs are specified in subsection 108.10.C.1 of the Standard Specifications for Construction. Calculation of Extension of Time with Liquidated Damages. Project Information used in MDOT contract checklists are contained in five separate pull-downs: Frequently Used Special Provisions, Notice to Bidders, Supplemental Specifications, Maintaining Traffic Typicals, and Standard Plans (Road, Bridge, Pavement Marking, Sign and Work Zone). MITA has received more hard copies of the MDOT 2020 Standard Specifications for Construction Book that are available to be picked up at the MITA office. Clearly specifications serve an important purpose, but they are not rigid. This book contains the category code numbers for all the pay items used in the construction of Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) projects. The P2OC is co-chaired by the MDOT Engineer of Construction Field Services and the MRPA Executive Vice President and includes representation from MDOT and industry. Certified Payroll Status Record Current applicable Standard Plans are listed on the note Power Monitors for Low Voltage Switchgear (Section 262300) 6. endstream endobj The drawings are produced in the Design Resources for local governments regarding grant & economic development opportunities, project coordination, and state and federal requirements. In accordance with Standard Specifications for Construction Section 812.03.D.2, Sign covers are to be installed on Type I signs and require the submittal of shop drawings by the Contractor. MDOT provides funding for competitive grant and loan programs primarily, but not exclusively, for state and local road agencies for the greatest impact on economic development and job creation. Curb ramps shall meet the latest special details per the MDOT Standard Plans. The Contractor continues to work until all work is finished which is October 15, 2013. Okemos, MI 48864, Lindsay Leonard Engineering Week videos and lesson plans are all-inclusive resources to show early elementary to high school students the career of civil engineering at MDOT. This work shall be completed where the existing location of potential Due to problems with conversion, the PDF pages we are posting here are not an exact The office is responsible for media relations, social media, and website development. Whether you are from out of state or right here in Michigan, we want to ensure your travel throughout Michigan is informative, comfortable, and fun. Transportation (MDOT) 2020 Standard Specifications for Construction, except as herein provided. Calculation of Liquidated Damages due to weather: +cQc*F7@v}F"A+DfR)y0UAcA(&,"X7'(|%. requesting cctv footage from mcdonald's,

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mdot standard specifications for construction 2020

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