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Brain dumping…You know how you feel when you finally release a giant load you have been holding on to for far too long? Have you ever been constipated so badly that all you can think about is how to expel this waste that is clogging up your insides? I am, of course, talking about brain dumping – the process of letting out a large steamy load of thoughts that are clouding your brain. If you suffer from any of these symptoms then this may be the post for you!!!

Basically you just need to find a way to unleash the thoughts you are holding on to in order to make sense of them and get them out of the foreground of your mind.

I find this particularly helpful when I have a long list of to do’s or things that I absolutely can not forget for the next day.

#1 – OLD SCHOOL, that’s right just get out a piece of paper and a writing utensil and spill that crap on to the page. I like to make lists with check boxes. The important part is to just write everything that prairie dogs it’s way into your thoughts. I have written them before and come back the next day super puzzled about what the heck some of the items even mean? For me the check list method is my favorite. That way I  feel accomplished when I complete one and can give myself that coveted  check mark of approval. I find that when I make lists like this at night before bed it is much easier to relax and fall asleep. Sometimes I will get out of bed 2-3 times to add additional things to my list but like I said once it’s all out I feel so much better (maybe don’t start this super close to your bedtime, especially not the first one).

#2 – PHONE , I don’t know about you but there is hardly ever a time that I am without my phone. BTW don’t tell anyone who calls me often cause dang I am bad about answering the phone. Oh yeah back to my phone. This is another great place to perform a brain dump. I find that I use this method mostly when I am out and about. For real, taking out a notebook and pen while wrangling a 5 year old is not pretty. I like to use list apps…like a LOT. My absolute favorite of all time is Wunderlist, I think it’s the check boxes (I told you I like the feeling of accomplishing a task). There are so many out there, take advantage of free trial periods, just make sure if you don’t like it to unsubscribe.

#3 – BFFL,  Sometimes all I need is to talk with someone I love and trust to help me work out whatever is weighing on my mind. Nina, that’s you girl!! I know that I can tell her anything at all and she will give me an honest opinion no matter what that means…for example – “stop reading that text in such a bitchy tone and see if it sounds the same way”. OHHHHH oops anyone else guilty of this?? This one applies more to feelings of overwhelm and not so much list making. But, I promise it can feel just a liberating as checking off all the boxes on your list. Our friends have a way of putting life into perspective for us.

Alrighty then, you have made your list or talked with your bestie or you have 205 check boxes in your app that need to be accomplished. POOP, now I feel overwhelmed by my overwhelm.

It’s all good, at this point you should take a break and walk away. The next step prioritize. If it’s on paper write the number of importance next to each task. 1-5 with 1 being meh if it happens cool if not whatevs and 5 being this needs to happen like yesterday. Alright now you have a plan. Start with the number 5’s (this process can be done inside each number if necessary). OK easy peasy?? If it’s in an app you can rearrange the tasks so that the most important things are at the top. I hope this helps if you are feeling overwhelmed and want to give brain dumping a try. I promise once you become regular you will feel so much lighter!

Have your ever done a brain dump before? Was it different then what I listed? Comment below with what works for you.

XOXO Heather




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