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Erin Condren Life Planner for 2018

With the start of a new year just around the corner I thought this would be the perfect kick off post. I love to plan and organize. I find that it saves me so much time, not to mention it alleviates a lot of my anxiety. I use planning to help cope with stress, stay organized, and accomplish my never-ending list of mom tasks. My planner is my happy place. Actually any kind of organizing is my happy place I guess you could say I an organizeaholic.

These are the things I like to do a few weeks before I start a new planner.



1 РMy CRACK РColor coding! This is not necessary, but it really helps me recognize specific tasks at a glance. I like to write a key on the notes page of the planner. Then I assign a category  to each color. Sometimes my categories are very specific and sometimes they are much broader or encompass a few categories.


2 – Bills, Bills, Bills – UGHHH, I hate this part, it’s my least favorite part of planning. I have found it is a necessary evil. I have seen and experimented with a lot of different ways to track bills. Currently I just write it on the due date.¬† I use auto-pay for most everything, but I like to check around the due dates that those bills are actually coming out and the amount is not going to be a surprise. Nothing like thinking your cable bill is going to be $100, then a debit comes out of your account for $500!! (sad face, this is a true story) Hence why I obsessively check, but it really is a good practice to follow.



3 – Goals – Ok let’s get real for a second, how many people make New Year’s resolutions and give them up a few weeks in? Raising Both Hands! A goal like that is so daunting to me. But 30 days, I can do that. So I try to set monthly goals. Realistic, attainable goals are what keep me going on the path to achieving what I want. I am a big picture person and I catch myself all too often feeling overwhelmed and stressed about how to achieve a large goal. Then I think…what small thing can I do today to help me reach this goal? I also do not plan goals for the entire year. I know that who I am today is not who I will be in 2 months. No I don’t have a personality disorder, but I grow and change everyday. I learn new things, my interests change, and I’m ok with that (this took me sooooo long to figure out).

Goal Tracker – Before the Pen


That’s it!¬† It only takes me around an hour to get this done. Also you can break it down into a couple of different days if you have your new planner far enough in advance. This year I bought my 2018 planner in June. Have I mentioned I love planning?



Let me know in the comments what things you include in a new planner.

XOXO, Heather


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